Nick Mariette is a researcher working on perception and processing of spatial audio – in particular, mobile audio augmented reality.

Nick is presently finalising his PhD research at University of New South Wales where he worked on the AudioNomad research project.

In 2008 and 2009, he developed and evaluated the SoundDelta project in the Audio and Acoustics group at LIMSI-CNRS, France.

Until 2003, Nick was an engineer and product manager at Lake Technology (now Dolby Labs Sydney), specialising on the Huron digital audio convolution workstation.

Nick works on design, development and evaluation of 3d audio systems for speaker arrays and binaural output, for installations or mobile devices.  He also has an ongoing creative practice based on sound technology, particularly with a spatial component.  This includes studio and radio productions, live performance, software development, microphone building and field recordings in ambisonic, binaural, multichannel and stereo.

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